For the right tyres at the right price and a quality fitting service, pop into Ross Motors(streatham)LTD today. , We stock a range of top tyre brands from Michelin to Pirelli and we also offer quality discounted tyres.



We stock car tyres for cars, vans, MPV, 4 x 4 and are one of the cheapest for tyres and tyre repair in streatham. Four small patches of rubber each the size of your hand are the only parts of the car in touch with the road so having the right tyres, in good condition and correctly inflated is very important to your safety.

With regular checks and maintenance your car tyres will last longer and keep. View our wheel alignment section for more information.


To ensure your car tyres are legal they must be above the legal minimum which for passenger cars is 1.6mm throughout a continuous band in the centre 3/4 of the cars tread and around the entire circumference.